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Online Course

Public Health & The Law

Can be booked as a bespoke session with James


£130 | £170

Microsoft Teams

This webinar examines public health law, how it is exercised and what it covers.


Starting with a look at how the English legal system works, it then moves on to consider the organisations and people involved. There is then a full examination of the control powers contained within the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984. The day rounds off by looking at other public health issues including statutory nuisance, health and safety and food legislation. 


This webinar is ideal for those involved in public health whether from PHE, county councils or district councils, and provides an interactive and enjoyable training experience.


Topics 1

  • A discussion on the Pre-course material – “The English Legal System”

  • The Structure of Public Health in England

  • Public Health England

  • Public Health in Local Government


Topics 2

  • The Proper Officer and their powers

  • The Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984

  • Regulations

  • Guidance


Topics 3

  • The 1984 Act & Part 2A orders

  • How it works

  • What it does

  • Part 2A Orders

Topics 4

  • Food Legislation

  • Health & Safety Legislation

  • Statutory Nuisance Legislation

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