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London Taxi

Online Course

Taxi Licensing

Can be booked as a bespoke session with James

Microsoft Teams

AM 9:00-12:10

£95 | £130

This half day course provides an overview and understanding of hackney carriage and private hire licensing. In addition to understanding the role of the local authority in this field, it looks at the criteria for issuing licences, taking action against licensees and the way in which hackney carriages and private hire vehicles operate.



  • Hackney Carriages & Private Hire Vehicles

  • Public Safety

  • Taxi Policy

  • Fitness and Propriety

  • Previous Convictions & Rehabilitation

  • Hackney Carriages & Private Hire Drivers

  • Hackney Carriages

  • Private Hire Operators

  • Private Hire Vehicles

  • Action against Licences

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