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Online Course

Licensing Committees and Decision-Making

Can be booked as a bespoke session with James

Microsoft Teams

PM 13:30-16:40

£95 | £130

This half day course examines the role of the licensing/regulatory committees and the decision-making process. It includes the delegation of powers to committees and officers, how and why committees become involved, the powers of those committees. In addition it considers how decisions should be made, what should be taken into account, what should be excluded and what makes a good decision. There is also a look at how decisions can be challenged.



  • The Licensing and Regulatory Committees

  • Why they are involved

  • The role of Members

  • Supporting Officers

  • Administrative Body

  • Human Rights

  • Policies

  • Reasonableness

  • Reasons

  • Good decisions

  • Challenges

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