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Virtual Course

Public Health and the Law

8 Short


£130 | £200

Online Platform

Learning Objectives:

Completion of this course will give you an understanding of the role of the law, and use of it, in relation to Public Health. It will give you confidence to develop your role as a public health professional. This will not only be in relation to day-to-day control matters, but you will also gain an appreciation of how public health organisations work and function.


Train at your convenience.

Access this version of our popular course at home on your own computer within a three week period. This e-learning package comes with a comprehensive, downloadable handout. This enables you as a public health professional to understand how the law affects, impacts and controls your work. This includes an overview of the English Legal System, before moving on to look at the organisations involved in public health. It explains how they function and the role of officers within them. After that, the modules look at the various control powers available, and how that can be used. Presented in an entertaining and engaging fashion, this course is interesting, stimulating and informative.



  • the equivalent of a 1 day training course, is split into 8 short modules –

    • The English Legal System;

    • What is Public Health?

    • Public Health Authorities

    • Decision Making

    • Public Health Law

    • Control powers under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act;

    • Regulations;

    • Other legislation

  • downloadable handout

  • re-run modules as required to aid knowledge consolidation

  • print a Certificate of Completion after each module for your personal portfolio.

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