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Virtual Course

Licensing for Local Authority Members and Officers

£140 | £215

Learning Objectives:


Completion of this course will enable you to understand the role and function of the council in relation to taxi licensing and licensing under the Licensing Act. It will enable you to be an active member of the licensing committee as a Councillor and understand the role of the committee and your role in supporting that committee as an officer.


Train at your convenience.


Take part in and complete this popular course on your own computer within a three week period. This E-Learning package comes with a comprehensive, downloadable handout. This enables you, whether you are a Councillors or officers to understand and refresh your knowledge of licensing committees, taxi licensing (hackney carriage and private hire) and the Licensing Act 2003. Presented in an entertaining and engaging fashion, using video, audio and visual media, makes the course both interesting and stimulating.




  • The equivalent of a 1 day training course it is split into 12 short modules, which broadly speaking falls into 3 categories –

    • Licensing Committees;

    • Taxis;

    • Licensing Act 2003

  • downloadable handout

  • re-run modules as required to aid knowledge consolidation

  • print a Certificate of Completion for your personal portfolio.

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