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Online Course

Street Trading and Sex Establishment Licensing (outside London)

A half day course for councillors & officers delivered by James Button

Fri 28th May

Mon 7th June

PM 13:30-16:40

AM 9:00-12:10

£95 | £130

This half day course considers 2 areas which can cause difficulties for local authorities. Many authorities control street trading, and this examines the powers to do so as well as the differences between street trading licences and consents. Sex establishment licensing often causes difficulties and this course looks at the different types of establishment (sex shops, sex cinemas and sexual entertainment venues), the powers to control them and the licensing process.



  • Adoptive Legislation

  • Street Trading Definitions & Exemptions

  • Designations of Streets

  • Street Trading Licences

  • Street Trading permits

  • Sex establishment definitions

  • Shops, Cinemas and Sexual Entertainment Venues

  • Applications

  • Objections

  • Decisions

  • Conditions

  • Renewals