Online Course

Wales: New Taxi Guidance

A half day course on 21st April delivered by James Button

Wed 21st April

AM 9:00-12:10

£95 | £130

Welsh Government has issued “Taxi & Private Hire Vehicles: Licensing Guidance”, this aims to standardise and improve (in some cases) the approach to Hackney Carriage and Private Hire licensing across Wales

  • Overview of the new Guidance

  • Detailed analysis of each section and Appendix:

  • Background and reasons to adopt recommendations

  • Recommendations

  • Equality Act medical exemption policy

  • Taxi & private hire driver’s code of conduct

  • Taxi & private hire vehicles: dress code

  • Private hire vehicle drivers: licensing conditions

  • Taxi & private hire vehicles: CCTV specifications and conditions

  • Taxi & private hire vehicles: dash cam policy

  • Private hire vehicle operators: licensing conditions