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  It is possible to offer a legal advice service. This is not part of the Subscription, and once again is not intended in any way to replace your own legal advisers or departments.


    However, if there is a matter upon which you want legal advice which you can rely on in legal proceedings that can be provided on a case by case basis.


    As this is not part of the Subscription, a fee will be payable, but Subscribing Authorities will receive a discount on the normal charging rates. The legal advice is charged per hour.


    This advice is available for the same areas as the Unit, i.e. all aspects of environmental and public health, local authority licensing and related matters. This includes:

  •  Case advice on specific matters

  •  Advising Licensing Committees

  •  Advising Planning Committees

  •  Appeals in the magistrates courts

  •  Prosecutions

  •  Drafting and advising on policies (both licensing & planning)

  •  Commenting and advising on any aspect of environmental health, licensing or public health   activity.

  •  Representation before Committee


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