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Delegate Feedback 2016

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Licensing Committees

Taxi Licensing

·        “Another excellent course.  Always interesting.  James Button is an excellent tutor & presenter.” Karen Partington, South Lakeland DC

·        “Thank you, Jim.  Excellent course, superbly presented as always.” Nicola Hartley, South Lakeland DC

·        “Emphasis on publicity, very interesting & also on vigilance.  I hope we can follow this up.”  Vivienne Rees, South Lakeland DC

·        “A very intense and useful course to do.  Well done again Jim.”  Sheila Eccles, South Lakeland DC

·        “Found it very informative.  Gave a lot of food for thought.”  Hardeep Burnley, South Lakeland DC

·        “Only been in my role for just over a year and found the knowledge of the presenter superb, will be of great help in the future.” Matthew Taylor, Bradford Council

·        “Brilliant, very informative, gives you a lot of confidence when implementing law conditions during enforcement.”  Raja Ifzal, Bradford Council

·        “Found the course extremely interesting and felt I learned more about licensing.” Jenny Hirst, Bradford Council

·        “Interesting, informative & engaging.”  Matt Marsh, Cherwell Council

·        “A very informative course.”  Kirstie Leighton

·        “As new to taxi enforcement, I feel this gives you a good basic toolbox for do’s & don’ts to licensing & enforcement of taxi legislation.” Amanda Garnhers

·        “A very interesting and engaging day.  Thanks Jim!”  Christopher Grunzet

·        “Excellent course, very interesting & informative.”  Karen Blain

·        “There is always something new to learn.”  Steve Culleton

·        “Very entertaining & useful.  Really enjoyed the course.”  Anne Williams, Charnwood

·        “Excellent & entertaining presenter.”  Rod Smart, Leics Police

·        “Very informative with a twist of dry humour.”  Deborah Taylor, Charnwood

·        “Up to Jim’s usual excellent standard.”  Chris Lambert Charnwood

·        “It goes without saying that Jim’s knowledge is second to none, but what makes the input so useful and interesting is the delivery – very well explained. Thank you!”  Mike Green, Leics Police

·        “Made what could be a very boring subject interesting & informative.”  Christine Radford, Charnwood

·        “James is an excellent public speaker, who has mastered the art of an informative and persuasive speech.”  Cllr Ted Parton, Charnwood

Licensing Enforcement








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·        “A very interesting and well delivered course.”  Nick Bailey, South Wales Police

·        “Very helpful course providing an excellent overview.  It was well paced and well presented.”  Hon Hancock, South Wales Police

·        “Excellent course, clear & easy to understand. Thank you.”  Mark Lewis, Merthyr Tydfil CBC

·        “As an officer in a LA who is new to licensing, the course gve an excellent overview of licensing provisions/enforcement and delivered well & enthusiastically by Jim.”  Craig Rushton, Merthyr Tydfil CBC

·        “well presented and easy to follow. Thank you.”  Martin Redwood, Monmouthshire CC

·        “Superb, well delivered.”  Paul Lewis, Merthyr Tydfil CBC

Public Health Law study Day
















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·        “James Button is obviously an expert at this field of Public Health Law and law in general. The teaching was excellent.” Tayo Owodinumo

·        “Well delivered course” Nicholas Cox

·        “A useful and enjoyable day, thank you” Paul Willis

·        “Very much enjoyed the course – Admire the intelligent mind who has the ability to make it simple and with humour.” Patricia Christopher

·        “Very knowledgeable speaker who was well versed in the subject.” Andy Broomfield

·        “Having not had significant (not insignificant!) experience on the subject, I have found all aspects of the day helpful. Thank you!” Alexis Slavensos

·        “Entertaining and engaging speaker.” Samantha Gale

·        “James’ presentation was very informative & enjoyable – would recommend it!” Ruth Chadwick

·        “Excellent presentation style & very relevant to public health. You should be part of every MPH curriculum!” Anon

·        “Great presentation skills. The broad and dry subject made relevant and interesting for public health professionals.” Pauline Petrova

·        “Very interesting course, engaging speaker, great content.” Zoe Greaves, PHE

·        “excellent opp to get to grips with the complexities & ‘mysteries’ of the law, its application & place in public health. Thank you.” Beverley Oliver, PHE

·        “A very informative & interesting day.” Anon

·        “A really interesting & useful update. Many thanks.”  Susanne Howes

·        “Really helpful course, I will recommend this course to my other colleagues.”  Anon

·        “This would be a useful addition to induction programmes.  I would have valued this type of course earlier in my career. But better late than never.”  Anon

Taxi Licensing & Licensing Act 2003











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·        Jim Button should be bottled; He managed to make a potentially ‘dry’ subject very interesting and thoroughly enjoyable.  He can come again!” Councillor Louise Hughes, Gwynedd Council

·        “Thanks – Had all my questions answered.” Richard Brown, Vale of White Horse

·        “Please invite me for future similar courses at Waverley BC!”  Cllr Paul Spooner

·        “Fabulously informative.”  Catie Hipgrave, Waverley

·        “Very, very useful today.  Thank you.”  Jackie Hamlet, Waverley

·        “Excellent overview of licensing.” Ranjit Bharj, South Buckinghamshire

·        “Course very well presented.  New to this field.”  Ray Sangster

·        “Professional and good presentation of complex legislation.”  John Elliott, Chichester

·        “Excellent presentational style with good anecdotal examples.”  George Sandy

·        “Good common sense on decisions making.”  Patrick Hogan, South Bucks

·        “Scarily good!”  Avril Frankish, Newcastle-under-Lyme

·        “As a working magistrate as well as a councillor, it was quite interesting.  And I did learn new things.”  Stella Brunskill, Burnley

·        “Overwhelming amount of information.  Raised the issues so we know we need to be aware, even if we don’t know all the details.  Mr B. is a veritable font of licensing matters!”  Yvonne Cartey, Tameside

·        “This level of training is absolutely necessary & should be mandatory!” Chris Williams, Milton Keynes

Licensing Committees & the Licensing Act 2003



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·        “Very good training!” Charlotte Davies

·        “Being new to this committee, I found the relaxed and informal approach to training very helpful.” Anne Wingrave

·        “Very thorough and full course.”  Brian Emerson, Wellingborough

·        “Will enable me to carry out my position on licensing committee.” John Mclennan, Conwy

·        “A very comprehensive presentation a wide range of licensing put forward in an understandable way.”  Philip C. Evans, Conwy

·        “Very easy to listen to; very informative and dynamic in the delivery.” Anon

Taxi Licensing for Members










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·        “Well paced.  Not just statements made but fully explained and now confident as I have understood.” Lynn Patey-Smith

·        Speaker made a dry complex act and its ramifications quite understandable.  Witty, personable presentation.”  Jim Churton

·        “Learnt a great deal about taxi licensing law.”  Paul Williams

·        “Very good presenter, who encouraged us to join in.”  Sheila Kirkland, Guildford

·        “I did not realise this was such an interesting topic!”  Mike Hurdle, Guildford

·        “First class! Thank you.”  David E

·        “The most interesting training session to date.”  Anon

·        “James Button was relevant, informative and sometimes witty.”  Bill Gifford, Warwick

·        “To have someone knowledgeable bring these concerns to life was much appreciated and informative.” Anon

·        “A very informative and interesting day.”  George Illingworth, Warwick

·        “Informative, thought provoking, outlined and explained complex issues.  Highlighted the need for changes in legislation.”  Richard Davies, Warwick

·        “All councillors should attend this.”  Sandra Hanks, Test Valley

·        “The best course presentation if have had.”  Anon

·        “Another excellent presentation – learned a lot.” Cllr Sheila Young, Kings Lynn & West Norfolk


Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime & Policing Act 2014

·        “Very informal and informative on what could be a very dull subject.” Paul Allan

·        “Very comprehensive and useful.”  Anon

·        “Mr Button had a fantastic grasp on the legislation and explained each section in intricate detail.  Thank you!”  Lisa Cameron

·        “It was interesting to learn about the closure orders and how they may be relevant for an RSL to use in the future.”  Craig Fitzpatrick

Licensing Fees






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·        “Made a dull subject interesting.”  Gill Gibson

·        “All very relevant in respect of an increasingly complex & potentially financially impactive discipline.” Carl Robinson, Southend BC

·        “Nice to have confirmation of thoughts on various areas with management present and myths exposed.”  Allan Evans, Southend BC

·        “Very enjoyable presentation.  Another excellent course from James. Thank you.”  Emma Wisbery, Braintree

·        “For someone moving from EH background into licensing, I found it very useful, a good learning experience.”  Jon Ruder, Colchester

·        “If you need to find your way through the minefield of license fee setting – this is an excellent starting point.”  Rachel Glover, Basildon BC

·        “This has been an extremely useful course – fee setting is an important area of our work and we need to get it right.” Pauline Wright

Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

·        “Excellent common sense delivery of course.” Marie Malt

·        “Yet another very interesting and thought provoking day.  Thank you.”  David Knowles-Ley, Chichester

·        “Excellent training.  The tutor made a very complex subject easier to understand.” Dean Cooke, Slough

·        “As informative & entertaining as always.  Such a good course, gave a much greater understanding.”  Niamh Kelly, Bracknell Forest

·        “This course was excellent and I would recommend to others.” Mick Sims, Slough

·        “Just the right information for the job.”  Sally Needham

·        “Great training course as always with James Button.”  Andrew Sullivan, Ashfield

·        “I could listen to James Button all day, every day! Thanks.”  Anon

Licensing Update









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·        “The subject was put over well.” Anon

·        “Very good answers to questions.”  Anon

·        “Feedback from all members at break was very positive and information well received.”  Judith Bramhall, Solicitor

·        “All relevant licensing points well covered.  Information from this course will be shared with the team.”  Allison Jackson

·        “Excellent material – well presented. Thanks.”  Nesta Henshaw, Newcastle

·        “As this is my third Annual presentation, thoughts it might be stuff I had heard before – not a chance!!”  Richard Brown, South Oxon & Vale of White Horse

·        “Concise & informative, as usual from Jim.”  Ken Stevens, Conwy

·        “Very interesting and informative training delivered in a clear, concise and understandable way.”  Philip C. Evans, Conwy

·        “Once again Jim can make the driest of topics interesting.  I always learn something new, irrespective of whether I have heard the presentation before.  Thank you.”  Anon

·        “Not been in licensing for very long, course makes many complex areas of legislation far more simple to understand.  Really assisted my knowledge.” Anon

Advanced Taxi Licensing

·        “Very informative and interesting.  Always learn something new even on old content.  Thanks very much indeed.”  Reba Danson

·        “Fun & enjoyable course put across in a way to remember.”  Andy Jeffery, Southampton CC

·        “It’s given me a lot of food for thought!”  Anne Bettison, Solihull

·        “A very informative session, content was essential & pitched at just the right level to make everyone think.  Thank you.”  Kate Liddall, Barnsley

Licensing for Members






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·        “Excellent and interesting summary giving clarity in respect of key issues.  Particularly where legal anomalies might arise.” Rachel Glover, Basildon

·        “Very knowledgeable trainer, clearly knows his subject area in great depth.” Anon

·        “Very informative, interesting and most of all witty!”  Mark Ellis, Basildon

·        “Very good course. Pitch set at right level for lay members.” Norma Stephenson, Stockton-on-Tees

·        “Very Interesting and Informative”. Bontana Inman, Stockton-on-Tees

·        “Looking forward to next sessions”. Eileen Johnson, Stockton-on-Tees

·        “Very good delivery ensured interest in the subject”. Tracey Stotl, Stockton-on-Tees

·        “Best training course I have ever been on”. Steve Nelson, Stockton-on-Tees.

·        “Excellent presentation – learnt a lot”. David Wilburn, Stockton-on-Tees.

Taxi Law & Practice: Introductory

·        “Excellent introduction.  Very well presented.”  Jane Carpenter, Taunton Deane


The Licensing Act & Responsible Authorities

·        “One of the most useful aspects of this course has been the opportunity to have an open and informed discussion about matters that have arisen.  Very helpful.”  Chris Woodhatch, Guildford

·        “Excellent, exactly as I hoped the course would be.”  Anon

Street Trading, Scrap Metal Dealers and Gambling Licensing

·        “James’ top notch as usual.” Alex Miscandlon, Fenland

Licensing Committees, Licensing Act 03 & Taxi Licensing

·        “Most instructive & thought provoking.  A common-sense approach to a complex subject.”  Bob Sampson, South Kesteven

·        “Excellent. Thank you.”  Phil Dilks

·        “A lot to think about & lots of fine details to ponder.  Very good.”  Breda Griffin, South Kesteven

·        “Very informative, interesting and enjoyable.”  Nick Peel, Bolton

·        “I found the whole day very interesting and an eye opener.  It has made me look at things and safety for myself and others in a completely different light.  Thank you.” Jean Gilles, Bolton

·        “A most interesting and informative course.”  Martin Donaghy, Bolton

·        “Complex legal licensing issues simplified.”  Cllr Mistry, Bolton

·        “Many thanks for coming along.  It was very useful indeed.”  Donna Ball, Bolton

·        “Very clear and points concisely delivered.”  Janet Davenport, Bolton

·        “Delivered very clearly, a lot of information but well constructed.”  Leanne Richardson, Bolton

·        “Sound explanation of legal issues and case law peppered with humour, helped me learn.”  Susan Haworth, Bolton

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