Online Course

Schemes of Delegation, Joint Working & Shared Services

A one day course on 23rd February


£130 | £170

Microsoft Teams

This course examines how local authorities function, both internally and in relation to other authorities and organisations. Local authorities are increasingly collaborating on the provision of services and capitalising on the relaxation of constraints on their activities.

The day covers the basics of delegation and decision-making. It then moves on to look at different methods of joint working and delivery of services,  outsourcing and the formalities required. Cross-border enforcement is also considered.

Ideal for officers and members, this webinar provides an interactive and enjoyable training experience.


Topics 1

  • Licensing Functions

  • Discharging Council Functions 

  • Delegation of Decision-Making 

Topics 2

  • Joint Boards

  • Combined Authorities

  • Shared Services

Topics 3

  • Outsourcing 

  • In Sourcing

  • Mutual Aid/Partnership Working

  • Contract/Arrangements/MOUs

Topics 4

  • Cross-Border Enforcement

  • Examples

  • Q & A

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